What you get with HubSquared

HubSquared - Email

Professionally managed reception with postal services

HubSquared - Meeting Rooms

Meeting rooms with presentation screens & high speed broadband

HubSquared - CCTV

Fully secure with 24 h CCTV security to keep your valuables safe

HubSquared - Transport

Less than 10 minutes walk to city centre and tourist attractions

HubSquared - Restaurants

Fantastic independent restaurants, bars and coffee shops nearby.

HubSquared - Printing

Printer/scanner access

HubSquared - Kitchen

Kitchen area with FREE coffee, tea & water

HubSquared - Shower Facilities

Showers/gym access

HubSquared - Included Bills

Bills included: water, electricity, and internet.

HubSquared - That's Handy

Fantastic value for money in a prestigious and cultural part of the city.