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How much space do we need?


In an office setting, how much square footage is required for each employee?

The topic of how much room is required for each employee in an office space is one of the inquiries that we are asked regularly, here at HubSquared. Even though this is a very significant question, the answer to it depends entirely on the level of comfort that you are looking for.

The industry standard is typically calculated on a per-desk rather than per-square-foot basis. Nevertheless, depending on how the operator has arranged the area, one desk could take up anywhere from 35 to 60 square feet of floor space. People who have previously rented leased space may find this to be inadequate; nevertheless, because serviced/flex offices offer huge breakout areas, bookable conference rooms, phone booths, kitchenettes, and communal restrooms, you have access to a sufficient amount of space.

When looking at the space allotted to each individual, what factors should be considered?

There is much more to an office than simply desks arranged behind four walls. Because it is necessary for people to work together, you will need to give some thought to how you would like your office space to be organised. For instance, you might want to include a breakout area inside the space you already have; however, this would require additional furniture, so you would need a larger room. The same holds true if you want storage space or a partitioned wall to split up the area and perhaps create an internal meeting room (be careful to remember this could also add possible costs if it is something you were thinking about doing). The same holds true if you would like storage space or a partitioned wall to split up the area and potentially create an internal meeting room.

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A post-COVID office space configuration put in place

In a world where COVID has been contained and the risk mitigated, we make radically different use of workplace space than we did before the pandemic. Firms who are interested in conforming to the new standard should look into serviced office space. As was previously indicated, a good rule of thumb for space per person/per desk is from 35-60 square feet; yet, many companies will still want to alter their office space to meet the requirements of social distancing. If this is your situation, it is recommended that you double the quantity that is required; for example, 35–60 square feet per person would become 70–120 square feet; also, you would need to take into account the additional costs that are associated with double the amount of space that is required.


To summarise, there is no one correct response to the question of how much space is required because the answer is wholly determined on the type of your company. We have assisted companies that are able to manage a two-person office within the confines of a two-desk area, and we have also assisted businesses with the same requirement for two people that require more space in order to function in the most efficient manner.

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