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Looking for the perfect office location for your business? We got you!

You want to locate the most suitable rental office space for your company when you search. Find out what to look for in an office rental by reading our handy guide.

Step 1 – When looking to rent an office, location is king.

Your office’s location is crucial to the success of your company, regardless of its industry. You should try to find an office space that is accessible by both your employees and your clients. Verify the neighborhood’s safety and whether or not nearby buildings are home to successful enterprises.

Make sure the workplace is easily accessible by affordable public transportation or personal vehicles. City suburbs sometimes have cheaper real estate, but your consumers could find it difficult to get to. Associating your company with a certain neighbourhood will influence how some clients see your business, which could impact your office’s reputation. To this end, you cannot find any area of Liverpool that has a better reputation for creative excellence than the Baltic Triangle.

Step 2 – Evaluate the facilities and office space

Before you start searching for an office to rent, take stock of your company’s current needs and plan for any reasonable expansion. To keep costs down, don’t rent an office that’s too small; employees won’t be able to work effectively in such a little place. However, if extra space isn’t necessary there’s no need to shell out additional cash for it. It can be costly to redesign an office, so it’s best to find one that already has the layout you need in terms of storage space, amount of plug sockets and connectors, work space, and so on.

Modifications to an office space are often limited in what can be done according to office lettings agreements. If you need to add desks and furniture but don’t want to break the bank doing so, an open floor plan is your best bet.

Verify that the leased office space satisfies all requirements for proper lighting, ventilation, temperature control, restrooms, and kitchen facilities. If your job needs to be done outside of regular business hours, try to find an office that is accessible at all times.

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Step 3 – Discover the top-rated serviced offices

Shared, serviced offices that include a variety of amenities and services in the rent are a popular choice among small enterprises. Office furnishings, internet, kitchens, lounges, and storage spaces are all part of shared facilities, as are support staff including receptionists, concierges, and security guards.

You can focus on building your business without worrying about the financial expenditure for furniture and equipment when you use a serviced office. This makes it a wonderful choice for small business start-ups. Serviced office leases are often shorter than those for traditional office spaces, allowing you to swiftly adapt your premises to meet the evolving needs of your firm.

If you are looking for serviced offices in the heart of Liverpool’s Baltic Triangle, then look no further – give us a call to talk through your requirements and arrange a visit.

Step 4 -Think about parking for business

Having enough parking for both staff and customers is a major consideration when choosing a location for a business. As nice as it is to have parking spots in your own rental property, you can also get by with free or cheap street parking or use one of the neighbouring council-owned garages. If this isn’t an option, you could want to inquire about parking passes, discounts, or special hours in privately owned lots close to your workplace. A good amount of on-street parking is available at Hubsquared, along with a number of pay and display car parks within a few minutes’ walk.


Step 5 – The practice of coworking

You might want to think about looking into office sharing if you’re not really in need of that much space. The best results will be achieved if you can pool your resources with another company in a similar industry, as this will help you save money. We house several businesses on a sharing basis, and this is something you can talk to us about.


Step 6 – Avoid surprises by keeping an eye out for hidden fees

When renting office space, the whole amount doesn’t always match the headline. Before you sign a lease, make sure you understand all of the terms and conditions, and set aside money to cover any extra expenses. Expenses like these could come from a variety of sources, such as rent, insurance, utilities, construction, upkeep, repairs, and moving. To further safeguard yourself, you should invest in comprehensive tenant insurance.

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So that’s it – our whistlestop tour of the things to think about when looking for office space for your business. At Hubsquared, we work with businesses small and large. Our flexibility allows us to establish long term relationships with our tenants, help them grow their businesses with security and without hidden charges and risks!